We Belong(ed) Together: The Rickie Lee Jones Story

By Claire Condry. Photo – Kaleb Woodward.

Sylvia Cornes certainly looked the part of Rickie Lee Jones with a sheer black mesh dress, a top hat with feathers and bare feet. She was accompanied by an outstanding group of WAAPA graduates—Thomas Freeman on guitar, Wayan Biliondana on double bass and guitar, Will Britto on piano and Liam Hickey on drums.

Cornes said she was nervous and it’s understandable as Rickie Lee Jones has inspired slavish devotion in her fans. Her highly original songs and spoken/sung delivery are unique. Her lyrics are deeply personal storytelling. In short you either love her or you don’t like her music at all. With her ethereal soprano vocals, jazz-inspired tunes and unique sense of style, Jones was an iconic figure of the alt/pop music scene of the 70s and 80s.

Cornes began her first number with a slightly sharper tone than the original, who I was lucky enough to see at the Perth Concert Hall many years ago. However she relaxed into her role and her voice softened considerably and was at times, superb. Her timing was faultless.