Flying Cowboys

Producer: Walter Becker
Released: September 1989.
Label: Warner Bros.
Length: 53 minutes.

1. Horses

Written by Rickie Lee Jones / Walter Becker

2. Just my Baby

Written by Rickie Lee Jones / Pascal Nabert-Meyer

3. Ghetto Of My Mind

Written by Rickie Lee Jones / Pascal Nabert-Meyer


4. Rodeo Girl

Written by Rickie Lee Jones

5. Satellites

Written by Rickie Lee Jones

6. Ghost Train

Written by Rickie Lee Jones

7. Flying Cowboys

Written by Rickie Lee Jones, Pascal Naber-Meyer and Sal Bernardi

8. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

Written by Fred Marsden / Gerrard Marsden / Leo Maguire / Les Chadwick

9. Love Is Gonna Bring Us Back Alive

Written by Rickie Lee Jones / Pascal Nabert-Meyer



10. Away From The Sky

Written by Rickie Lee Jones

11. Atlas' Marker

Written by Rickie Lee Jones



length: 2:39
vocals: Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones performed vocals and background vocals. She also played String Synthesizer, Keyboards, Steel Drum, Synthesizer, Guitar, Drum Program, Organ, and Acoustic Guitar. She also played all of the instruments on “Rodeo Girl”.

Ed Alton – Acoustic Bass
Walter Becker – Synthesizer/Bass
Michael Bernard – Programmer/Programmer for Strings/Keyboard Program
Sal Bernardi – Electric Guitar/Background Vocals
Michael Boddicker – String Synthesizer
Randy Brecker – Trumpet
Gary Coleman – Vibes
Paulinho da Costa – Percussion
Chris Dickie – Drum Program
Kevin Dorsey – Background Vocals
Peter Erskine – Drums
Buzz Feiten – Electric Guitar/Acoustic Nylon String Guitar
Michael Fisher – Percussion
Jim Keltner – Drum Machine Effects
Marty Krystall – English Horn/Clarinet/Tenor Sax
Greg Mathieson – Hammond B-3
Vince Mendoza – Trumpet
Michael Omartian – Piano
Pascal Nabet-Meyer – Synthesizer/Percussion/Keyboard Program
Dean Parks – Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Acoustic Steel String Guitar
Greg Phillinganes – Keyboards
John Robinson – Drums
Michael Ruff – Background Vocals
Vonda Shepard – Background Vocals
Bob Sheppard – Sax/Tenor Sax
Chris Smith – Harmonica
Leslie Smith – Background Vocals
William “Smitty” Smith – Organ
Neil Stubenhaus – Bass
Rob Wasserman – Bass
The Waters – Background Vocals
Bob Zimmiti – Percussion