Pop Pop

The album’s got a kind of old flavor about it. There’s no electric music, no keyboard and no drums. A couple of songs have snare and a bongo, but no drum kit. Real intimate. It’s real nice listening. [The album’s] just what I wanted to do, what I like to listen to. All standards. I can’t remember when I decided on just guitar and bass. I was thinking about it for a couple of years, because I had practiced ‘Valentine’ with a guitar and bass when I lived in France and said ‘Oh, that’s eally beautiful and different without a keyboard.’ I think I got the idea then and it was growing on me. [That sparer sound] is what I grew up with. My uncle and my dad used to play together all the time: they would sing those standards with the guitar so for me it’s the most natural sounding. It’s not jazz in the way that people who like jazz like jazz. It’s my own way of looking at it. The album is old, it’s very special.

Rickie Lee Jones


Producer: Rickie Lee Jones, David Was.
Released: September 1991.
Label: Geffen.
Length: 49.53

1. My One and Only Love

Written by Guy Wood / Robert Mellin

2. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most

Written by Fran Landesman / Tommy Wolf

3. Hi-Lili Hi-Lo

Written by Bronislau Kaper and Helen Deutsch

4. Up from the Skies

Written by Jimi Hendrix

5. Second Time Around

Written by Sammy Cahn / James Van Heusen

6. Dat Dere

Written by Bobby Timmons / Oscar Brown Jr.

7. I'll Be Seeing You

Written by Sammy Fain / Irving Kahal

8. Bye Bye Blackbird

Written by Ray Henderson / Mort Dixon

9. The Ballad of the Sad Young Men

Written by Fran Landesman / Tommy Wolf

10. I Won't Grow Up

Written by Carolyn Leigh / Mark Charlap

11. Love Junkyard

Written by David Weiss / John Keller

12. Comin' Back to Me

Written by Marty Balin

Rickie Lee Jones performed vocals and played 6 and 12-String Guitar. She also did the vocal arrangements for “I Won’t Grow Up” and the horn arrangements for “Love Junkyard”.

Terry Bradford – Background Vocals
Robben Ford – Acoustic Nylon String Guitar/Acoustic Steel String Guitar/Acoustic Guitar
April Gay – Background Vocals
Donny Gerrard – Background Vocals
Michael Greiner – Hurdygurdy/Glass Harmonica
Charlie Haden – Bass
Joe Henderson – Saxophone
Steve Kindler – Violin
John Leftwich – Bass
Arnold McCuller – Background Vocals
Michael O’Neill – Acoustic Nylon String Guitar
Walfredo Reyes – Snare/Bongos/Brushes/Shaker
Dino Saluzzi – Bandoneon
Charley Shoemake – Vibes
Bob Sheppard – Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone
David Was – Background Vocals/Bottles & Junk