The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know is a collection of cover songs.
Producer: Ben Harper.
Released: 18 September 2012.
Label: Concord Records.
Length 42:19.


My thanks to Sheldon. Thank you for calling Ben. And all the musicians you called. And for coming to the studio every time I wanted to work. Your respect and thoughtfulness made me come over, but your engineering made me stay. You are truely old school my friend, doing whatever needs to be done to make the project whole. 


Gratitude and affection to Ben Harper, who says I am his twin. twin, it has been a blessing for me, this spring, with you and Sheldon. sometimes you dont realize how beautiful you are until you see yourself reflected in the eyes of someone who sees how beautiful you are. And I think thats what this work has been like for me. I saw glimpses of color and shape sparking from you as you listened to me, and you reminded me to get out of myself and to honor and lift the spirit. comfort you, we all wept as we listened. the parched streets and the sweet smell of rain. the soft night, meeting the tired day and, one courageous, one kind, this light happens that make all the hours of the day worthwhile. a music and then i looked at you, and maybe i was the only one weeping. So carefully, now, and with love, Rickie Lee. 


Dedicated to my daughter, and sent out to my friends, Kim, Susan, and villy wang. love you girls. dont ever change.


Rickie Lee Jones

1. Sympathy for the Devil

Written by Mick Jagger-Keith Richards


RLJ: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocal, background vocals
Ben Harper: congas, shakers, hammond b3 organ, electric guitar
Jason Yates: pump organ
DJ Bonebrake: vibes

2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Written by Neil Young

RLJ: electric guitar, vocal, background vocals
Ben Harper: acoustic guitars, steel guitar, electric guitar, background vocals
Sheldon Gomberg: upright bass
Chris Joyner: hammond b3 organ
Jesse Ingalls: piano

3. Masterpiece

Written by Ben Harper

RLJ: vocal
Ben Harper: acoustic guitar, vibes
Sheldon Gomberg: upright bass, arco bass

4. The Weight

Written by Robbie Robertson

RLJ: piano, vocal

5. St. James Infirmary

RLJ: acoustic guitar, vocal
Ben Harper: drums
Sheldon Gomberg: upright bass
Jamie Elman: piano

6. Comfort You

Written by Van Morrison

RLJ: acoustic guitar, vocal
Sheldon Gomberg: upright bass
Larry Goldings: hammond b3 organ, piano

7. Reason to Believe

Written by Tim Hardin

RLJ: 12 string acoustic guitar, vocal
Ben Harper: national lap steel guitar
David Lindley: violin
Joel Guzman: Organ
Reggie McBride: Bass
Paulie Cerra: Sax
Charlie Paxson: Drums

8. Play with Fire

written by Mick Jagger – Keith Richards – William Wyman – Robert Charles Watts – Brian Jones

RLJ: acoustic guitar, percussion, background vocal, vocal
Ben Harper: electric bass, lap steel guitar, percussion, background vocals

9. Seems Like a Long Time

written by Theodore Anderson

RLJ: acoustic guitar, vocal
Ben Harper: background vocals
Sheldon Gomberg: upright bass
Jason Yates: hammond b3 organ

10. Catch the Wind

Written by Donovan Leitch


RLJ: acoustic guitar, vocal
Ben Harper: acoustic guitar
Sheldon Gomberg: upright bass
Larry Goldings: piano